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President's Message

Tallahassee is a gorgeous town, and my husband and I have been proud to call it home for the last 30 years. We bought our home in Woodland Drives in 1986 because of the neighborhood’s beauty, stability, and central location. We still live here 25 years later—for many of the same reasons.

People really like living in Woodland Drives. The signs are apparent: we have a great showing of neighbors at the picnic, our neighborhood association membership continues to grow, and homes don’t stay on the market very long when they’re put up for sale.

Of course being an in-town neighborhood has its challenges.  Sometimes crime creeps in, and we must be vigilant on rezoning issues. Even positive changes nearby, like the Cascades Park project and the Gaines Street Revitalization project, require monitoring and input.  But  whenever I talk to neighbors, we always agree that our in-town location and quality of life is unsurpassed: quick commutes, gorgeous homes, greenbelts that provide plenty of trees and wildlife, nearby parks and historic sites, and friendly neighbors.

So what’s missing from this picture? Maybe YOU!

We need the involvement of concerned neighbors to help preserve and enrich our unique quality of life—like the ways our neighborhood association can be used to keep us connected, informed about issues that affect us all, and able to respond to collective problems like hurricanes and zoning issues. No matter what your talents and time limits are, you have something to enrich us all, whether it’s monitoring city meetings about Cascades Park planning, planting bulbs in a traffic circle, organizing your block for mutual support in hurricane season (or a block party!), or keeping an eye out your window for Neighborhood Watch.

Won’t you take some time to volunteer make your little corner of the world a bit better? I look forward to seeing you become more active—in your neighborhood! Email me at marycfrederick@aol.com and let me know how you’d like to become active! After all, it’s your neighborhood too!

-Mary Frederick

Photos of the neighborhood

Email me at marycfrederick@aol.com

and let me know how you’d like to become active!


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