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An historic downtown neighborhood association dedicated to
preserving our quality of life

Woodland Drives
Board of Directors

Mary Frederick marycfrederick@aol.com
Vice President  
Greg Youchock gangreen57@comcast.net
Tom Walden tjwalden@cs.com
Tom Berger tgberger@gmail.com
Rob Borger rob.borger@med.fsu.edu
Zach Teders zteders@yahoo.com
Jean Swafford



Kathy Figley


Photos of the neighborhood

Are you interested in serving on the neighborhood association board? We meet once every other month for about two hours, rotating meetings at board members' homes. We also communicate between board meeting via email.


The only things we require of board members are

  • to be a member of the neighborhood
  • to be respectful of others and
  • be willing to take ideas into fruition

If you're unsure of this commitment, you might want to "test drive" the board by attending meetings until you're ready to make the commitment. That's how many of our board members started.


Email Mary Frederick if you're interested.



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